You shouldn’t miss this device in your National Day holiday- ioutdoor T2

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The long-awaited National Day holiday has come to an end, how to spend their holidays, most people choose travel to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to get fresh and relax time. There are also people who choose to spend time with their family at home.

However, Crowded is the symbolic of the National holiday, we often meet the highway traffic jams, sometimes few days can not reach the destination,so we recommend that you need to reasonably arrange your own route and should also carry a phone with a large battery. ioutdoor T2 has a large battery of 4500 mAh, and can also charge your other gear as a powerbank.Solve the embarrassment that your phone is dead on the trip.

ioutdoor ioutdoorT2 ruggedphone IP68

In addition to the conventional way of travel, there are a lot of people like outdoor riding, camping and climbing snow mountain….. because these places can enjoy the unique beautiful scenery, and it is an active lifestyle. But the signal is often weak in such poor as it fay away from city. ioutdoor T2 has 32dbm large signal,can work even in the absence of signal in the No Mans land, also have Walike-Talike function, ioutdoor T2 awalays keep in touch with the outside world.

ioutdoor T2,waterproof IP68

There are also some people choose stay at home, and spend this short holiday with their family. But once the holidays were over, they will leave home and for work,and the elderly parents aslo remained at home. So don’t forget to keep in touch with the family even you back to work, so  ioutdoor T2 is an IP68 phone with waterproof and drop-proof, have large hearing tube and FM radio, this is the best gift for the elderly at home.

IP68 ruggedphone ioutdoor T2

ioutdoor T2 with IP68 strong protection, Bluetooth, flashlight and many other functions, It is the best choice whether for traveling or for the elderly to use. Here to buy


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