New iphone released IP68 model, Tri-proof smartphone become more popular

BY:ioutdoorTime:2018-09-20 18:34:25

New iPhone was released, and it will be waterproof with IP68 certified. Do you know what IP68 is?

The IP code is made up of two digits. The first digit indicates solid bodies against level. and the second digit indicates liquid protection level.The higher the digit, the better the protection. IP68 is the highest level.

ioutdoor T2 is designed for outdoor environment.It reached the highest protection level: IP68, which, unlike smartphone, only splash proof, it can operate normally for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters,The sturdy exterior design can effectively resist various Fall and hit., and it also has more practical outdoor tools, such as walkie talkie, powerbank flashlight, FM, etc


If youre looking for a spare phone for travel or gifts to friends, the elderly, or parents. ioutdoor T2 is the best choice.


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