Terrible Typhoon “Mangkhut‘’ coming, maybe you are looking for this magic device!

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The worlds strongest storm this year, Typhoon “Mangkhut”, continued its path of destruction across Southeast Asia over the weekend. With 100 miles-per-hour wind gusts, drenching rains and 11-foot surges of seawater that inundated the first urban area of Asia to face the wrath of the years mightiest storm. Many trees was uprooted, house and buildings were knocked down, and more heart-struck is some people was hurt in this natural disasters.

The destructive power of Typhoon is also alerting us to respect nature. Of course, for safety oriented, everyone should prepare enough food stay at home and cancel the outside activities.Except preparing enough food, in some special cases, you may need to this magic and multi-function device.

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The ioutdoor T2 is definitely a worth recommended mobile phone. Its tri-proof grade reach highest IP68 international certification, it can be soaked in water of 2 meters deep for half an hour. the body is special made of metal plus TPU structure, with good impact resistance and elasticity, and so you don’t have any worry if fall down from 1.5m, and also not nervous about the water damage anymore. In addition, In such bad weather, the signal is generally poor, ioutdoor T2 has a powerful signal of 32dbm, let you have one more signal, get more security. 

The most interesting thing is that the T2 has a detachable antenna that achieved worlds first mobile phone with a walkie-talkie function, this function it also suitable for special use.


In Typhoon weather, the electricity easy to be cut down, The ioutdoor T2 has a 4500 mAh battery, 45 days of long standby, and it can also be used as a power bank to charge your other tools, as well as a flashlight with superb light, which makes you feel easy in any occasion, not worry the water damage, battery lose fast as well as poor signal. In most serious environment, ioutdoor T2 always give you the most guaranteed protective. Official Ali store discount continues, head over get the promotion price here.


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