Thai soccer team safely rescued, ioutdoor remind summer expedition must be cautious!

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The Russian world cup is in full swing, but the life of a teenage football team in Thailand are also involved. This football team comes from a school in Mae Sai County, Chiang Rai, Thailand. After training in the afternoon of June 23rd, the 25-year old male coach led 12 boys from 11 to 16 years old and entered the forest park cave for an expedition and was then besieged by the flood.

The Thailand authorities put nearly 1000 soldiers, 4 helicopters and a batch of equipment into operation. Professionals from China, the United States, Britain, Australia, Burma, Laos and other Thai rescue workers are working together to help. 13 international top cave dive experts and Thai naval rescuers began to rescue from the morning of the 10th. All 13 people who had been trapped in the cave since June 23 were rescued finally. The rescue is called the largest search and rescue operation in Thailand recently.


It is now the peak of the rainy season in Thailand, and there are many floods in the cave, the silt in the water is piled up, the visibility is extremely low, there is no signal in the cave, and communication tools cannot be used. This is the biggest problem for the children trapped inside. The mountain climate is cool in summer, very suitable for outdoor activities, but also hides certain dangers. Before going out, we should not only understand the weather change, be familiar with the destination route, but also need to carry enough food, water, and drink. In addition, the professional outdoor tools are also critical, such as a flashlight, compass, satellite telephone, etc. in time to contact the outside world in case of emergency.

Speaking about outdoor tools, most people may not have expensive, complete outdoor professional equipment, but mobile phones are essential for everyone. The outdoor environment is more complicated. The phone we usually use not only consumes fast power but also falls easily and broken. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a rugged phone. The rugged phone has the advantages of waterproof, anti-drop, dustproof, strong signal, long standby, etc., which will play an important role in outdoor tourism adventure. For example, ioutdoor T2 is an outdoor phone for explorers. Its waterproof level is IP68 certified. Daily water soaking can be easily handled. Whether the outdoor weather is sunny or rainy, the ioutdoor T2 can be used normally without worrying about flooding.


ioutdoor T2’s body was made of metal and TPU, which makes it have good impact resistance and elasticity. Its anti-drop height reaches 2 meters, effectively preventing the phone from falling accidentally and causing damage. ioutdoor T2 also has a more useful feature, not only phone but also a walkie-talkie. The phone is loaded with a detachable antenna and the intercom distance is up to 5 km. For friends who are traveling together, you can keep in touch and increase security.


ioutdoor T2 also has other useful features such as flashlights, long standby, mobile power, etc., and the price is very affordable, it is suitable for the general public outdoor lovers, if you are interested, please learn more by:


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