Smart +rugged, ioutdoorX will break your traditional concept and be stronger than IPhone X

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The four-year Global Carnival World Cup has been grandly opened, and many fans have experienced many cool experiences since the start of the tournament. However, as the venue of the event, Russia is still clear and sunny. Our players, still on the court, are swaying with passion and sweat, and they are affecting the hearts of fans all over the world.

 Looking at the current mobile phone market, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are still the darlings of most people, because they are beautiful and stylish, and the camera technology is more and more powerful. However, these phones are not invulnerable. If you accidentally drop your phone on the ground, you may have to pay for expensive screen repairs, or even if you cant boot. In addition to these, you should always prepare a protective bag for your mobile phone. Listen to a friend , her new high-priced mobile phone accidentally fell into the water at the seaside, and when it was quickly picked up, it could no longer be turned on.

 At this time, some people searched for rugged phones, but the ordinary rugged mobile phones are still unpopular because they are heavy, not fashionable, have poor photo effects, and a single entertainment function makes them discouraged. Ioutdoor will release a new flagship ioutdoorX in 2018, and the emergence of ioutdoorX will break your traditional concept. We make the following explanation.

Unlike ordinary mobile phones, ioutdoorX has the highest IP68 international defense certification, allowing you to soak your phone in water of two meters deep for 30min, drop the height of 1.5m, The body will be free of any damage, the function will be normal. Also its appearance interface is handled with a special module, 99.99% effective to prevent dust from entering. You can dive, swim, swim, listen to music, watch videos and enjoy.

Then do you think that ioutdoorX is as thick and has a single function as the previous rugged machine? If you think so, then you are wrong. ioutdoorX has achieved the era breakthrough of the industry of rugged phones.

Appearance, ioutdoorX is the worlds thinnest rugged mobile phone, its thickness is only 10.5mm. The screen uses a full-screen screen that is popular all over the world, with a screen ratio of up to 82%, resolution of 720*1440, will bring Your immersive visual experience. The aluminum frame frame is used on both sides, and the outer casing is made of German Bayer Tpu material. The whole body is stubborn and smooth, and the lines are clear and elegant. With classic Chinese red, the whole machine is full of fashion sense.

Of course, we are also very good at taking pictures. ioutdoorX  rear camera 16MP+8MP. professional level depth of field effect. Front camera 13MP, 100 degree wide angle, excellent beauty effect. The whole camera function will be comparable to a professional camera. When you go out, you only need to bring an ioutdoorX to meet your various photo needs.

 Large memory, 6GBRAM+128GB ROM large memory, you no longer have to worry about your phone storage is full, you no longer have to worry about running slow when playing games, affecting your experience. It also carries the latest processor of Helio P23, one of the most promising cpu. It is equipped with the latest Android 8.1 system to enhance your experience.

Of course, X has many functions, 3400 mAh battery, fast charge function, face smart unlock, Nfc wisdom your life.  ioutdoorX is so amazing and powerful. Smart and rugged, ioutdoorX will break our traditional concept and be stronger than IPhone X!

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