A Rugged Phone Specially Made For Outdoor Guide

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If you are in the outdoor industry, as an outdoor leader or mountain guide, you often go deep into the jungle, plateau and other areas where communication signals are weak or even unsignaled, to connect with your teammates, you will need to carry a variety of professional outdoor tools, navigation, walkie-talkie and other communication devices, Ensure that you can communicate with the outside world in time to avoid accidents when there is an urgent need.

Almost everyone now has a smartphone in hand, but the smartphone is mainly designed for living in the cityWhen we take our smartphones away from cities and into the nature, we will find that our smartphones are beginning to show many weaknesses, such as fast power consumption, Weak signal capability, falling easily to broken screen, scraping shell, etc. Rugged phone is becoming more and more popular among many outdoor enthusiasts and tour guides due to it has good functions of waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. 

ioutdoor is a brand that specializes in making outdoor rugged mobile phones, ioutdoor T2 is a kind of outdoor mobile phone that combines functions of a walkie-talkie, mobile phone, flashlight, power bank and other practical functions. It is very suitable for outdoor workers and people who are fond of outdoor exploration, ioutdoor T2 has a solid body, 360 seals, and waterproof protection, it is a truly IP68 international certified rugged mobile phone (highest level of protection: waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall).

ioutdoor T2 is equipped with a removable interphone antenna, The intercom distance is up to 5km, and the frequency band supports 400-470 MHz, Support dual-card with excellent signal penetration. In addition, ioutdoor T2 packs a 4500mAh removable battery, standby time is up to 2 months, with a USB output interface, can be used as mobile power bank function, in case of an emergency, it can provide power to your other devices. T2 also has the function of a strong flashlight. When you are at outdoors, the lighting device around you runs out of power. T2 can serve as a flashlight for a period of timeFor more details and purchase methods, you can visit the ioutdoor official website: www.ioutdoor.cc

With so many practical functions, ioutdoor T2 is very affordable. It is a cost-effective device for all outdoor users. At aliexpress only sale $49.99, If you like it, you can place orders through this link and enjoy more discounts: https://bit.ly/2MB15vP


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